Suboxone Therapy

What is suboxone?

Suboxone is a unique opioid withdrawal medicine that we offer in Tulsa which works on the part of the brain that causes opiate addiction. It is not like opiate painkillers, and acts differently than addictive drugs.

The Suboxone opioid withdrawal medication we offer in Tulsa is a combination of two (2) drugs:
– buprenorphine, which is the active ingredient,
– and naloxone, which causes withdrawal if injected by vein (to discourage abuse).

Isn’t Suboxone just another addictive drug?

Suboxone lacks the 3 fundamental characteristics of addictive drugs.

Euphoria. Most opiate addicts do not experience euphoria when taking Suboxone. They generally say that they “feel normal” after taking it. It is very difficult for them to get high from buprenorphin

Tolerance. There is no tolerance with Suboxone. What that means is that instead of having to increase the dose repeatedly over time in order to get the same effect, most patients on Suboxone gradually lower their dose and use less and less of it over time. Instead of developing tolerance, addicts develop sensitization to buprenorphine. This is the opposite of what addictive drugs do.

Addictive behavior. Once stabilized on Suboxone, opiate addicts stop having cravings for opiates; therefore, they stop engaging in unethical and illegal behaviors. They are freed from the “monkey on their back.” Come to our Tulsa opioid withdrawal treatment center for Suboxone recovery medication.


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