Venus Vivas

If you are looking for cutting-edge treatment, the Venus Viva skin rejuvenation and acne scar treatment at our Tulsa clinic is your answer! Technically Venus Viva is a NanoFractional radiofrequency treatment. Translated into English, the Viva repairs textural abnormalities (like acne scars and deep lines), it cleans up superficial capillaries that cause the pink or redness in our skin, stimulates existing collagen and prompts your skin to lay down new collagen. The Viva tightens, smooths and brightens the skin on the face, neck, chest, hands and forearms like no other treatment. You will see visible results to skin rejunvenation and acne scar treatment in a single Venus Viva treatment at our Tulsa clinic! The Viva requires topical numbing only, minimal if any downtime and you will get to enjoy fresh, new, re-invigorated skin the minute you begin!

Smooths and Brightens

We all know that dewy fresh look of young healthy skin. At one time or another almost all of us had that look. Smooth, supple skin with a healthy glow so vibrant it makes the whole face sparkle. It happens very slowly to the point that we almost don’t even notice until one day it’s just gone. Now let me be clear, I am not talking about the absence of lines or wrinkles, or taught, tight flawless skin. I am talking about the healthy glow that skin of any age puts off when it is being well cared for. I like to think of vibrant skin as “maintenance”. That is skin that is well cared for on a daily basis. To achieve this universal goal it is necessary to pay attention to many factors but the three most important are these: regular skin treatments for color correction and tightening, a simple, mild daily skin care regimen (cleanse, treat, moisturize, protect) and a healthy lifestyle. Put these together and that skin (all over the entire body) will glow again!
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Lay down new collagen

You hear it over and over again, “collagen stimulation”, every product out there claims to stimulate collagen. Some do, some don’t. But here’s a new one…how about a skin rejuvenation treatment in Tulsa that actually stimulates your skin to lay down new collagen! The VenusViva does just that. By creating microscopic injury to the skin, the area is actually stimulated via radio-frequency to lay down a new layer of collagen thereby filling in deep lines, acne scars and areas of uneven texture. Beautiful! Venus Viva in Tulsa is a smoothing/resurfacing skin and acne scar treatment with little to no down time.

Correct Discoloration

Have you ever looked closely at the skin of a young child? It is all one color! Seems obvious but I guess I just had never focused enough to make this simple observation. Now, look at the skin of an aging person…heck even of someone older than 21. It is subtle at first but even by the ripe old age of 21 discolorations of the skin are beginning to form. Discoloration is one of the earliest changes that we see in our skin. It is one of the first signs that the wear and tear of time are beginning to take their toll. The types of discoloration are almost too numerous to count but suffice it to say there is some good news…regardless of the cause… we can fix it! Often, we can fix it 100%.


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